About Us

OeCoin,LLC is a US-based company. The head office of OeCoin.co is located at 47 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011, USA. OeCoin was established in 2011 It has been providing its services for 9 years. The company offers the sale and purchase of CryptoCoins. It deals in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Oecoin, Dash & Ethereum. It provides the World's largest platform to sell & buy cryptocoins. OeCoin is the digital currency that can be shared, bought, sold, and taken for investment purposes. It offers high profitability to the customers.

The company sells Cryptocoins to registered users only. Investment in OeCoin is safe and profitable. The company will be responsible for every sale and purchase of OeCoin.co. It guarantees its buyers that investment on OeCoin.co is in terms of No Loss. The company account department contacts all registered users through email. Buyer will receive an email from the “account@oecoin.co” email address. The company account department will tell you the rate of all Cryptocoins. They will provide you the details about the fluctuations in the rate of Cryptocoins. They will update you through “fresh updates”.

Procedure for Buying Cryptocoins

The buyer will register first to buy the Cryptocoins. Buyer will send an email to the Account department and request to buy Cryptocoins. The Account department will contact him and let him know in which Cryptocoin he should invest. Sometimes Ethereum is going higher, and it is better to invest in Litecoin.

Our marketing experts always keep an eye on Cryptocoins rates. After the confirmation of Cryptocoin selection, buyers will pay through Bank account or Paypal. Buyer will send the payment receipt to account@oecoin.co. Once the payment is confirmed, buyers selected Cryptocoins will transfer into their account. Transferred Cryptocoins will show in their account’s dashboard. Rest assured your each penny is safe with us. On buying the coins, the buyer will pay tax according to the country's laws and regulations applied for taxation. Mostly We applied 5% Tax per transaction.

Procedure for Selling Cryptocoins

It is very easy to sell your Cryptocoins. You just have to send mail on account@oecoin.co. In that mail you will mention which Cryptocoin you want to sell. Our Accounts department will let you know, which is the better time to sell. They will also inform you which Cryptocoin rate can go higher or which can go down. They will cooperate with you on each decision.

Finally, you will send them mail to sell Cryptocoins & it will be sold. Your payment will transfer in 3 to 5 business days. Our support team will contact you on call to confirm payment. We are responsible for your every transaction. On selling the coins, the seller will pay tax according to the country's laws and regulations applied for taxation. Mostly We applied 5% Tax per transaction.